Welcome to the 2nd International Peri-Urban Conference

Objectives of the Conference

The aim of this conference is to connect professionals, academics and decision-makers from different sectors and disciplines, and provide a platform for sharing knowledge on water, energy, food, and land planning and development. It will provide discussion platforms to explore and analyse modern and new peri-urban planning, design and service paradigms which seek integration, co-ordination, protection of ecosystems and natural resources with concomitant equitable socio-economic development.


Please click here to view details of confirmed keynote speakers.


Themes of the Conference

  • The water, energy, food nexus
  • Water Sensitive Spatial planning and management : Reimagining cities and peri-urban spaces
  • Integrated Policy, Planning and Investment for Sustainable Futures
  • Rethinking ecological and built infrastructure
  • Planning for connectivity, integration and sustainability of marginalised communities in peri-urban-urban spaces
  • Urban-Peri-urban and Rural flows: unlocking the green economy
  • Urban agriculture and food security
  • Adaptation to climate variability and change
  • Emerging peri-urban water quality issues
  • Rethinking sanitation and wastewater systems for beneficiation
  • Innovative technologies and solutions