Call for papers

We encourage abstracts focusing on the conference theme as per the submission deadlines and recommended framework below.


Paper Submission Call for papers is now closed
Review 25 July to 29 August 2017
Review Committee Decision 31 August 2017

Recommended framework

Click here to view Abstract Template.

Abstract should be 200 words max.

  • Title
    Incl name of authors, organisation and contact email
  • Introduction (1 paragraph)
    Set the context
  • Methodology (2 paragraphs)
    Brief methodology
  • Results and conclusions
    Key findings
  • Conclusions
  • Acknowledgements 
  • References

Call for workshops

Submission for workshop proposals is now open. Proposals can be submitted for the following conference sub-themes:

  1. The water, energy, food nexus
  2. Water Sensitive Spatial planning and management: Reimagining cities and peri-urban spaces
  3. Integrated Policy, Planning and Investment for Sustainable Futures
  4. Rethinking ecological and built infrastructure
  5. Planning for connectivity, integration and sustainability of marginalised communities in peri-urban-urban spaces
  6. Urban-Peri-urban and Rural flows: unlocking the green economy
  7. Urban agriculture and food security
  8. Adaptation to climate variability and change
  9. Emerging peri-urban water quality issues
  10. Rethinking sanitation and wastewater systems for beneficiation
  11. Innovative technologies and solutions

Please use the Peri-Urban 2017 workshop proposal for submitting your proposal. All workshop proposals should be emailed to Jaco Seaman (

The closing date for submission is 31 August 2017.