International Organising Committee



Professor Basant Maheshwari

Professor – Water, Environment and Sustainability (Western Sydney University, Australia)


Professor Basant Maheshwari’s research, teaching and learning focussed in the area of surface and groundwater management, peri-urban water, irrigation, regional water resources planning, liveable cities, stakeholder engagement and sustainability. He is on the panel of the National Smart Approved Water Mark, a Fellow of the Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers and Associate Editor/Editorial Board member of several international journals.

Dr Keith L. Bristow

Senior Principal Research Scientist (CSIRO Australia)


Dr Keith L. Bristow is a Research Scientist with CSIRO in Townsville, Australia, and Honorary Professor at the University of Pretoria in South Africa. Dr Bristow’s core research interests are at the interface between agriculture and the environment, particularly in soil physics, groundwater systems, irrigated systems and integrated water resources management. He is a Fellow of the Soil Science Society of America and the American Society of Agronomy.

Dr Brent E. Clothier

Group Leader (Plant and Food Research, New Zealand)


Brent Clothier is Group Leader of Systems Modelling within Plant & Food Research. He is based in Palmerston North, New Zealand. Brent is also an Adjunct Professor in the School of Earth & Environment of the University of Western Australia, an Adjunct Professor in the New Zealand Life Cycle Management Centre of Massey University, and an Adjunct Professor in the School of Agriculture & the Environment at Lincoln University.

Dr Valerie Naidoo

Executive Manager (Water Research Commission, South Africa)


Dr Valerie Naidoo is the Executive Manager for Innovation and Business Development at the Water Research Commission. She has 10 years’ experience in wastewater treatment processes such as anaerobic digestion and activated sludge systems. Dr Naidoo has 5 years’ experience in industrial research and development processes in South Africa, UK and Turkey. She is currently leading research groups undertaking a variety of water related research projects in academia as well as within industry on subjects ranging from industrial wastewater, stormwater, sewerage and biotechnology. Valerie is currently the President of the Water Institute of Southern Africa.

Dr Manjusha Sunil

Manager (Water Research Commission, South Africa)


Dr Manjusha Sunil is the Manager for Water Technologies Demonstration Programme (WADER) at the Water Research Commission (WRC). She joined the WRC in November 2015. Manjusha holds a PhD in Biotechnology from the University of the Free State (UFS). She sits on the Innovation Investment Advisory Committee of the Securing Water for Food (SWFF) Grand Challenge and is the Chairperson of the Innovation for Water and Sanitation division of WISA.

Anil Mehta

Principal (Vidya Bhawan Polytechnic, India)


Anil Mehta is a Ph.D. in Integrated Water Resources Management; and graduate in Civil Engineering. He is Principal of one of the oldest Polytechnic Colleges of India – Vidya Bhawan Polytechnic College, Udaipur, India. He is the founder and Joint Secretary of a voluntary organization – Jheel Sanrakshan Samiti (Lake Conservation Society). His major area of research and action is eco-technological management and operation of water resources in growing urban and peri-urban regions.

For the last 25 years, Dr Mehta is constructively engaged in diverse activities and programs that are critical to sustainable growth and development of urban and peri urban landscapes.